Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"

This was fantastic.

This is definitely the best clock movie to date. More effort, better animation and sound than any other clock movie i have see. The trailer created alot of hype and it was definitely worth it. Strange clock, you represent to Clock Crew very well. I will say everything i liked about this in my review.

First of all graphics were better than ive ever seen them by the clock Crew. Probably because there was so much more effort put into this than the others. Strange clock the character is really cool. I have always been puzzled with those crazy designs, so he is really fun to look at during the movie. I guess Strawberry clock is like a hero, well he is the most detailed clock i have seen! The animation is better than ever for you guys and same with your animating style. More backrounds, more drawings and more animation make the graphics awesome overall.

Your style in this movie was so close to perfect i jsut had to give you a 10. The aniamting style not only helps out with graphics, but with overall style aswell. The feel to the movie was awesome because at some points it felt like a real movie. The presentation was almost professional, i can recall movies where similar incidents happened. Its cool that you can make a connecting link between flash and real movies. Due to great presentation style was awesome overall.

Sound was also better in this than any other clock flash that ive seen for a couple reasons. First the robotic voices were not annoying in this one, you did a good job of chosing them. The audio quality was pretty good aswell. It was very easy to hear what they were saying, but the subtitles are always a nice addition. The sound effects were also great. There were so many sound effects, such as foot steps and gun shots. The sound really made this more amusing to watch.

~There was some violence, but not excessive. Some interactivty in the main menu. Cool little additions!~

Now to the humour, this was funny. Once again kind of like in the movies with comedy not being the main idea. There weer some really funny jokes here and there, also some funny occurances. The humour is a great addition to an already great flash.

Overall this was best thing so far this week. I congradulate you on representing the clocks so very well and on the very high score. I cant wait for the next part. Until it comes out time will pass slowly LOL Fantastic job! 5/5

StrangeClock responds:

Wow, thanks for the detailed review and praise, my man.



this is the best NG movie i've ever seen, its brilliantly fresh and new! The voices, I think, are great even though they lack some of the personality real voices have. its just so cool!

make #2

make the 2nd one! this was great


if u dont vote 5. you have aids.

this is the bestest flash

Nothing can describe...

There are no words to describle the uberness of that. I suppose you can always expect good things from the clock crew.