Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"

Fucking Sweet.

Great movie Strange! Its even better then the one you made back in the cc.uk days. I just wanted to ask you what program you used for the voices. Im pretty sure its not Speakonia. Cant wait for the sequal!


StrangeClock responds:

I used several; Speakonia, Talkit! and the online AT&T voices demo. Check out the Clock Crew Resources thread on cc.net for links.

Good stuff there!!!

This whole flash made me feel that I am watch a movie on the big screen. A excellent job of coming up with the perfect feel of a movie. Too bad the whole movie is a little short, but that's OK. The whole thing was pretty dan funny to watch. I will be waiting for the rest of it. Please keep up the good work on this Original idea.

StrangeClock responds:

You're being sarcastic about that "little short", right, unless you accidentally just watched the trailer part or something, haha.



the best movie of clock's ever!!!!

Now thats a damn good clock movie!

I was half expecting tricky the clown to pop up the whole time. I must applaud you sir, for not 'honoring' us with this.


that was like a steven sdegal movie but with better acting