Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"

Hooooooly B!!!!! Amazing!

StrangeClock, you have become a Clock Flash GOD. You are practically the next Blue Clock, with some style of Turd_Clock mixed within. The combination of the seriousness of Blue's flashes and the humor of Turd's flashes simply intertwine so easily with your flashes. With the addition of Pube_Mupit, influenced from Turd, and some other aspects from Blue Clock, 21 O'Clock Street is indeed a masterpiece to be remembered in the Clock Crew.

You have great potential, and it shows in this excellent flash. Your graphics and "props" were well-drawn and stylish, the sound was picked well, and the whole style and theme worked around 21 Jump Street, which I have never seen but looks extremely interesting based on your clock interpretation. The scene at the bar was both funny and violent, and your mild parts of interactivity (including the Swahili subtitles and bonus material) were somewhat amusing. Overall, making this into a DVD was another great extension to the movie itself, giving you extra pluses.

In conclusion to this fairly long review, 21 O'Clock Street is the next Clock Crew masterpiece on the list, and I congratulate you dearly on this magnificent flash that will surely make the front page, if not win Daily Feature. So, I shall none other than VOTE FIFEN!!!!! <3 Clock Crew, Long Live B. Can't wait for the next part.

- BlueCherryClock

StrangeClock responds:

Thanks a lot for the kind words, man. When I started out with my earlier 21 O'Clock Street movie I had just the theme of the show and a vague idea in my head, it turned way more violent than the TV show was, which was more of a teen soap opera with cops. Of course it did bless the world with Richard Grieco (<3 <3) oh yeah, and Johnny Depp.

Great stuff

Very suitable for the front page, amazing work. I can't wait to see the rest of the movie.
Nice references to the old time cop movies.


The clocks, they tell just the right time ! Just find it really amazing ^^

Your style is very impressive, some scenes were really looking like a real movie, and your additions were sweet =)

Great job =)

l33t Clocks.

This is great, and it's the first Clock submission I've seen to animate the hands on the clock. I think they're normally stuck 5:05, but they moved all through this submission.


Very very nice job. Enjoyed greatly. Thank god for clocks like yourself.

StrangeClock responds:

Praise from a man, a man with a name, a name that Clocks know and know to love.