Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"


I watch this all the time but forget to review

Amaseing Animation

Good Job I love It!!!


I have speakonia, but how do you get knottsberry, carrot, and strange clocks voices?

Wow. Great movie.

I already watched both parts. For now, I'll comment on this part. This has a more interesting story than the original 21 O'Clock Street. I KNEW they'd find SBC guilty of stealing drugs from the docks...He he...It's nice to see the Pube Muppet wearing different costumes every time you watch the film. However, I can hardly see him wearing his original costume from the original 21 O'Clock Street...Oh well...Anyway, this is pretty good.

easter egg

I found the easter egg but even that counts as mild nudity! I liked the movie but the easter egg ruins it