Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"

almost as good as part one

ya almost...

All my 5's are belong to this

The funny parts are: How can you keep and how can you feed a dead cat? How can it take long to feed a cat? My favorite part is (now allow me to remove profanity from this one, because I'm on Newgrounds with no cursing): "Excuse me. Excuse me? Hey, SHUT OFF THE MUSIC!!!" But the tragity is: StrawberryClock was arrested after he accidently shot his boss PineappleClock in the foot. Even if I change the subtitles to a different language, they are still still speaking English. I think that's what it means. Anyway, I'm voting 5 on this one, but to be more than helpful, you deserve a compliment: this movie rocks, my friend. Heh heh heh. n_n I'm voting 5 on this one. Excellent work. Now I'm off to watch the next chapter of this.

ewwww tricky penis...... <:P

other than that its the best movie ive ever seen


zal ik jou is ff lekker in je bek schijten of heb je al poep poep in je hoofd god ik haat dat nummer:D
waarom was iedereen bij club zipstyke veggieclocks
vette film

best ever

that was probably the best clock crew flash i have ever seen