Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"

Strawberry Clock is the king of the portal!

Honnestly I didn't know a thing about clock crew until I went to check collections and since I saw Strawberry in some other flash I decided to check it out. I gotta say that this animation made me a fan of the clock crew easily. Great storyline, good humor and action. Its the equivalent of a full TV show with clocks. Great work! I hope to see more amazing animations.


Put me in this movie k!


(8 Hay want my clock to be in the flash?

pardon me but may my clock be in this flash (Yes I am a clock)
If you say yes respond or email me please

StrangeClock responds:

uh yeah tricky thing, that - I already made it. So putting you in would be a problem.

Jesus Strange that was firggen amazing

This is a fucking testament to just how good the CC is at animating(most of it). I'd like to see any clock hater deny how good we can be. Oh andhave my babies and whatnot. ;)


good one

yeah another great clock crew work, keep up with that, but it could have a little more humour you know?