Reviews for "21 OClockStreetTheMovie 1"

I never watched "21 Jump Street", the show, that is. I did watch the movies based on them and they were absolutely hilarious! I love how straightforward this is. The most memorable bit may be the "Guinness World Records" joke. I just love the format. It seems like a real movie.

Even the intro was great. I'm glad to see Pube Muppet in a more dignified role. The stuff he's in is pretty formulaic. It's just great to see this world. I wish there were actual DVDs of this.

Over 10 years later, this is still one of my favorite clock movies. A work of NG art.

Another clock crew classic!

You know I'm not familiar with 21 jump street but seeing this makes me want to give the shit a chance. I love the good animation style which if you ask me suits these kinds of movies well. The in jokes were great and yeah not much else to say nor complain about. With that said I hope you come back to Newgrounds again!

A quality, and classic clockcrew flash. Great quality.

Overall the best out of the CC Movies. Period.