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Reviews for "Sylph"



I'd bang her. Well, if it doesn't burn my dong off.

I said it on deviantART, I'll say it again here. Your sylph is cute.

Also, to TommyGun45ACP, that IS an air elemental. This was explained in Swingers 3. It's just that Noodles' artistic style is fairly abstract, making her cloud-like hair seem like it's on fire. Though, to be fair, the color scheme doesn't help the confusion. Still, the fact that she's flying should say something.

Never seen a Sylph represented as a fire elemental. In my book it's always been:
Sylph = air
Gnome/Dryad = earth/tree
Undine/Naiad = Water
Salamander = fire

I'm not going to complain about the leg placement because they have completely different skeletal structures than humans. I could on the other hand stand to see some more detail on the background. Good job over all.