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Reviews for "Hit Ciro the kitten!"

Funnf, if you like that sort of thing!

Why the hell do I want to hit your poor cat! Though I must say the graphics and animation sequence is good!


Why the hell even bother making one like that. I'm sorry, but its trash.


is God


this was shit i dont no how its the number one spot for toady.
catch ya

Another slow day, huh?

I'm confused. How is this the #1 portal entry of the day?? I mean, it's not TERRIBLE, but it's not #1 quality.
Plus, there are quite a few hit/whip/poke/slap the [animal] flashes out there already... And the "Poke the Bunny" pretty much perfected it, so why do any more? ^^;
Oh well.
Cute kitten.