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Reviews for "Hit Ciro the kitten!"

It's ok.

mmmm.... therapeutic.

aww... cute!



All right, I haven't written a review for awhile, so here goes: Shut the fuck up!

Jeepers crow, what is wrong with you people. If this were a flash about cutting the head off a backstreet boy, or shooting a frat guy or whatever, their would be, like, one or two people bitching. But wait, its a cat, so everyone's panties are in a bunch. One guy even brings up PETA for Chrissake.

It is what it is. A short, 70k, dumb flash that also manages to be more entertaining than most of the aweful comedy on this site. Get your heads out of your collective asses, stop being pussies, and hit that cat. I said HIT IT.


this is like the worste movie ever, and ive seen som bad shit.


I dont know what to say. It was kinda boreing.