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Reviews for "Hit Ciro the kitten!"

Bighead you are so wrong

Animals are beautiful things, and maybe even dead relatives. I was very very disturbed by this movie. Poor ciro, someone call the humane center. It's obvious that a huge animated fist is responsible in pummeling the poor cat. Despite my disgust I didn't fail to give you a perfect 10 for your expression of anger. Oops got to go, my cat liver in a can just arrived.

i hate cats, and like hurting them

that flash was too short, but it gave me a small laugh. i think if anyone bitches about hurting cats when it is just a cartoon, they need to get a life and stop being pussies. they care more about the wellbeing of cats than actual people. it makes my ass sick cuz in my area, these people are paying 5,000 dollars for the capture of this one dumbass who has been poisining some dogs. why the hell do you activists care so damn much about animals? they are just little pieces of food i eat every damn day! its not like you are actually stopping the killing of animals by not eating meat, youre just making yourself look stupid!

Cruelty to animals is not funny. Zero.

If you really find this to be funny, then you need serious help. I think this is very offensive.


Sick....Cool though

good job