Reviews for "Stupid Mario Brothers Theme"

This is what I listen to when I do Homework. I just play this song it reminds me of the entire Richalvarez Channel. I love this song, it's on all of my MP3's and Anything that can have music. I will miss this series. I love that this was the final song played as the credits rolled. Thanks to Richard Michael Alvarez for this epic series with the most prolonged yet best ending ever!! :)

I love Richalverez he is the BEST! This song reminds me of my childhood and how happy I used to be!

PLEASE READ FOR A HEART TOUCHING EXPIERIENCE! (Listening to the theme song while reading also makes it feel moving.):

Richalverez is amazing, and I cannot believe how good he is with making music videos, interactive adventures, and especially an entire series that wasn't even cancelled, somehow! I know that if I tried something like this with MY friends, we wouldn't make it past episode 3. I love visiting his channel on YouTube! This song is also perfect to listen to after watching episode 75, especially if you watched the whole series through. Can I ask WHY Richard ended the series NOW? How about you make it a continuous series that would just have a continuing plot that never ends until it tops five hundred times the number of episodes of "Meet the Press"? That actually would be really funny! Even though Mario defeated Ganondorf in episode 75, you can still continue a series from that! Sure the bad guy is defeated and all the bad is gone, but that doesn't mean all of the FUN is gone! Plus, I can tell that Richie doesn't want the series to end now that he's making a new series: "Stupid Mario Brothers Football". But he doesn't want to confuse the public of YouTube since episode 75 was the end. Yes Richie, I, no, WE understand you want episode 75 to be the best last episode of anything ever. But for only 75 episodes, it's not worth it. You NEED to make more. There's not one person on good old YouTube that doesn't like the series. Many people even think it's better than just a show of two buffoonish acting plumbers that ventured into the real world. It truly IS A SERIES!!! Just on YouTube. YouTube would be dull without you, Richard.
Continue the series SOMEHOW? Give an EXPLANATION why you are GOING to continue the series if you do! And in the end, as far as I remember, don't they head back to the Mushroom Kingdom? Start there, and move forward! Or is football a continuation? ANYTHING! Something!
Well, thanks for reading anyway. I'd even appreciate a reply. Thank you again for reading, especially you, Richie! Keep up the great work on your account! :)

I love this song and I'm sad Richard ended the series but oh well.

If you have never heard of Richalvarez, then you're a troll. Also, a user named Shadefox21 stole one of his vids, but it is cool now, since I told TomFulp to blam it.