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Reviews for "Little Miss Innocent"


you got sme skill, someone in the music industry may recommendo you *achievement unlocked* "I got noticed"

My favorite song of yours!

I just spent such a long time listening to every single one of your audio submissions, and I'm very happy to say that this was my favorite out of them all! It's obvious you're getting better at song writing as time goes on, so I can't wait to see your next flash at least.

As for this one itself, it was very well tuned and very enjoyable. It's a catchy song with good lyrics, and it's nice to see some satire in these songs too.

your good.

I like this music you made its sought of kind of credits to an action film.


I think this was your final contribution to the NG community. Kinda a swan song (I know that it sounds like a pun sorry). I can't say I know much about ya but if any friends/family see this sorry about what happened. Rest in peace Ben. On a more "reviewy" note nice song good guitar interesting lyrics.


because of you and your contributions of both music and flash people have been able to have somthing else to enjoy in thier lives. thank you. and great song.