Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

Kung-fu hussleness

Nice job with the mixture between kung fu hussle and matrix there,along with the mixed up comedy at the beginning you did a pretty good job there.Keep up the work

It was good but...

it would be nice if you could you know come up with your own ideas instead of taking things from the matrix and kung fu hustle also Freemont is what's wrong with this world (goddamn numa numa supporters) ((which is the worst thing done to fat kids since star wars kid))

I'm guessing...

im guessing that you've recently watched kung-fu hustle -__-;;

not bad

the graphics was ok and it was funny and it would be better if you get a litte more original u took one scene from the matrix and the other one from kung fu hustle but still great movie im going to watch the sequels


this made me think four things..
1. the matrix..
2. pucca..
3. kung fu hustle..

nice job on putting everything together..! *high 5* now for me to watch some more of this series.. =]