Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

Standard issue, gets the job done.

While it presents no original ideas and breaks no new ground, there is always joy in the simplicity in watching a ninja against hordes of disposable assailants. Minimal animation, clean style. A composite of tried and true ideas. The music compliments the action well, but for God's sake, the Matrix is done beyond done.

Good job overall.


nice movie....... really really nice. the fights played out well. i loved how you blended the matrix soundtracks with the metal gear solid 3 soundtrack so well it sounded like only one song was playing. that was a nice touch. over a really nice submission. good job.


it was all nice but it was just two things.. no storyline and i think the matrix stuffs is getting really old by now..

otherwise it was nice ! funny there in the cliff :D hmm, just add some talking aswell..

well I dont know if there is eny more stuff to say.. yeah one more thing! bring us more! ;)


pretty cool dood

Funny and Entertaining

Very well done. Nice fight scenes, great humor.