Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

What's to complain about?

All of you are bitching about a lack of originality... let's see you come up with something original. Do you even realize how hard it is these days.. practically everything has already been done. The only way to come up with something original is either to be a complete genius or thoroughly insane.

nice job

i'm normally against ripp-offs or various movies but u have a nice collaboration of martial arts films like the matrix and kung fu hustle


This is one of the most coolest things ive ever seen!! Very good fighting! Make a billion more..... make a game!!! This is awesome!

Excellent One

This one is like a mix of Matrix Reloaded, Matrix Revolutions and Kung Fu Hustle. Nice blend of spoofs you got there with hilarious moments from the beginning. Thought there is no plot, the animation is smooth and 'real'.

This is a deserved 5 R animation.

That was freak'n awesome!

Everything about it was great. The characters simple, yet very nicely drawn. Not to mention the terrific backgrounds and scenes. I also love Ryo's last attack from the sky. Nicely done!