Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

Simply Amazing.

Obviously a fan of Stephen Chow. This movie is high comedy that is only dampened by how closely it mimics scenes certain scenes.

Great artistry, however. I was really impressed with the twisting log effect as well as the cell-shaded-esque 3d scenes.


THAT WAS COOL!! i needed to wach it again after to get the effect. keep up the work


I really liked the goofy style while still remaining fairly serious. I loved it. This is what I aspire to be with my flashes!


Loved it. The style of the art greatly resembles that of the pucca series. I'm also guessing that was an inspiration since the music right before the credits was from the valentines episode that vooz made.

Ninja be Cool

Ninja be Cool
Ninja no Drool

Ninja Kick Butt
Ninja do Slick Moves

Now Ninja end
Now I give it a Ten

Ninja get my Five!