Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

This Freekin Rock's

I clicked on the view movie thinking it wasent that gud but.....now i know i was wrong.....it rocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He's a hustla he's a he's a hustla homie

The fist thing I also thought was bunnykill but I was very happy to be wrong about that fact especially the Kung-Fu "Hustle" parts you did a great job anyway "I'm gonna watch it again" <--can you guess that quote c-ya From the world greatest Thf Lupon the 1/3

Ahhh The Craziness!!

I love this. It's really great. I like how he defeats all those ninjas. Really, this is an awesome flash. Keep up the good work!

this rocked

u did a realy good job. keep up the good work. and plz come out with a new one

What would ninjas do?

Did I just see a double jump side-kick to the face? Sweet