Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

I'm offended...

This movie is completely and utterly stupid. Not only are your views on ninjas flawed and completely wrong, but you disgraced ninjas everywhere. It's people like you that deserve to be beaten and screamed at all while being educated in the ways of an ACTUAL ninja...This movie has offended me greatly. How DARE you dress idiots up in ninja outfits. If they were all dressed up in samurai outfits...then I'd understand and I wouldn't have to get all worked up. You could have ATLEAST came up with some original fight scene ideas...Now I just feel like breaking something or setting a public building on fire...It's your fault that terrorists exist...


this was a complete rip off of the matrix and kung fu hustle, cant you make something up yourself

u loser

kung fu hustle biter. so not original. and ur gay.