Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

At first...

I was like, wow, he has such great art but such a bad character, cause your backgrounds were a lot more detailed, but you had the coolest effects EVER. The slo mo in that was CRAZY!!! The matrix song made it twice as good. The body movements and animation was soooo great, and the angles of the character in motion looked specatuclar. Great job man, this is an awsome awsome AWSOME flash, can't wait for more! god!!! AWSOME!!!!

Groovy Ninja Action

At first I thought this submission was going to be lame, but it ended up being really cool. The animation is pretty good, even if the character bodies seem to be very simplistic to animate. The characters altogether reminded me of the Ganbare Goemon series. The fighting is really cool to as well as the effects. Great job!

lol you rip off lol ( kick ass flash tho )

lol loved every minute been i big fan of kung fu hustel and the matix helps i think but still one of the best flashes ive ever seen


i give it a ten but you stole the art style from pukka that aint cool
but than again it kickd ass

this was totaly great

i laughed my arse off from start to finish the twisted stick thing was cool the big paw was funny : D