Reviews for "Ryo the ninja KID"

he could have moved away lol

It's ok

Just looking at this alone I'd say that you did a pretty good job. Interesing idea, pretty good animation, slight bit of humor and style. But, I was immediately reminded of another series available on the internet known as Pucca (I won't link it, google it if you are curious or if you liked this). Pucca does an amazingly better job at what you have here and has a whole worlds worth of style over yours (at least to me, back off if you disagree). So, overall it's decent, but I've seen *much* better of the same style.

i knew it

AWESOME but for some reason when the matrix music came on i knew he was going to do the pole thing

tros fort!!

j'adore quand il se tole sur le mur d'en face au debut xd
et le coup du baton et pas mal aussi
il a fait un strike! xd

Loved it.

This was too funny,the main thing i loved was the character designs i thought they we're cute and added much to the humor being all little ninjas,there was a nice amount of action to this flash and it got really good as the flash progressed,the flash had a great soundtrack too and i like the references to the Matrix as well with some of the moves,overall this was a fantastic ninja flash and to my pleasant surprise there is more than one episode. =)