Reviews for "Playstation3"

Barbara Ann

Dude, you got mad singing skills.

Good flash I suppose.

Heh, Hello again.

Well i havent reviewd you since y ou wrote a respons to my "38 hours" reply. Again another good one. Though the voice was funny it got a tad bit annoying.


Oh, my, god dude. You really rule! this is teh s00por! the art was amzing and the sound was strnage and random which really what was what made it funny. p-le-ase man keep up the good work!

Oh em gah.

I'm sure you do, you sexy lezboo. MAN, that was full of hilarium. Playstation 3 is gonna kick royal ass. Keep up the good flash work.


U Know U Do U Sexy Lezboo! this has made me cry laughing before that is how good it is.