Reviews for "Playstation3"

Yerrr ummm...

Its someone talking to the tv... :/

and that little clip of yourself....what the feck, this was horrible.

Only good thing was the art work.

Sqeezy responds:

You fail at logical thinking.


Your preloader sucked, not very helpfull at all. Most of the time I could'nt make out what anyone was saying. The voices were that annoying and high pitched. I dunno what the cursing was all about. Playstation 3 will own all! I don't know if your for it or not. Then the ending was seizure enducing. Damn you.....

Sqeezy responds:

You may leave NG now. Hush hush.

that was funny

That had me rollin'. Great job.

Cedar veels

Um it was too long and I didnt get it WAh. Still somewhat r4ndmo and shit which NG faps over.

My 5s to you.

Usually this is the type of movie i blam but it actually made me laugh the randomness was great i loved it keep it up man!

Sqeezy responds:

Thats the spirit <3