Reviews for "Pokemon Lance Battle (G/S/C)"

nice song

nice song and all, but needs more stuff in it, and dose'nt sound too pokemonish.

b0b3rt responds:



Look seriously... Be Different.... Be Original...
Pokemon is played out... use your talent for somthing other than this....
be unique. thats what music is about... not how many different times u can do the same damn theme.

b0b3rt responds:

Yeah? Well, stop making hip-hop then, it all sounds the same too. Just because you don't like pokemon remixes doesn't mean the song is that terrible.


I agree with HolyCrapProductions. Of all the Lance battle remixes I have ever heard, yours is one of the most boring ones, sad to say.

You haven't added anything, except changed the instruments, and it's like just 1 or two instruments throughout the song.

And to answer why it was ranked so high, I would say that the people were voting for the nostalgia induced, not the actually quality of the song.

To other people who are very impressed with this song, you may want to check out Fairuzon's version(can be found on youtube or elsewhere), to name an example of a better remix.

b0b3rt responds:



A Pokemon theme song slightly altered with synths does NOT deserve #2 out of all the songs out there. I can't understand these users saying "awesome!" and shit; with respect - this is not awesome atall.

b0b3rt responds:

Really? Show me a better version of the same song, then.