Reviews for "Pokemon Lance Battle (G/S/C)"

love it

great remake, I'll be listening to this over and overagain from time to time for sure!

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks =)


You did insanly well on this. I could dance to this pokemon beat all day. Thanks for the nice tune.

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks =D


Im glad im not the only one who loved the song during the battle against Lance, but this song hardly does it justice....in fact its almost comical....which isnt bad, just not what I hoped it would be.

b0b3rt responds:


Everything is right,

However! Your synths just need to be a tad sharper. The high pitched chip isn't displayed, and that's what brings the nostalgia! Y'know what I mean?
Great stuff though :) Keep it up.

b0b3rt responds:

Moar 8-bit?

somethings really missing

the song is good but its missing the intensity and by that the song needs to be faster and some longr tones...

b0b3rt responds:

It's more intense then the original. Get back to me if you find out whats missing ;)