Reviews for "Pokemon Lance Battle (G/S/C)"

Great Remake.

Try making other remakes like a Legend of Zelda Theme or a retro Final Fantasy

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks, might do some FF remixes in the future.


Thnx for uploading
In my opinion this is one of the best songs from any pokemon game but my all time fav song will always be the Gary Elite Four Battle music from Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks for the review, I'll do the champion theme from R/B/Y next =D

Epic WIN

This could be like a DS Game thing. Good memories abck when pokemon was still cool. Your remade an epic song and made it More epic, i could see this in like a disco background :D~
nonetheless, awesome job!

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks for the review =)


Since sometimes I jsut pick up my pkmn crystal to beat the champion agai nwhen i'm bored, i'm fermiliar with the song (heard it about 200 times now) This would make the game so much better :D

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks for the great review =D

Nice remix

This is a good remix. Its funny, but nostalgia is making this a top-rated song.

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks bro =D