Reviews for "Pokemon Lance Battle (G/S/C)"


It's one of the better one's I've heard today.

b0b3rt responds:

Nice to know =)


i love pkmn games also the fck music yeah¡¡¡¡ great job

b0b3rt responds:

lol thanks

Not bad!

This version has its own little thing going on, and I liked it. Ten 4 u!

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks =D

not bad

Though it was a quick remix being it was a minute song it was good while it lasted though i figured it would have sounded a little harder than that but from what i got out of it it was a nice listen and stayed true to the original theme with the beat.

b0b3rt responds:

Oh man this is old.. sorry I didn't notice this before =P


Thats really all I can say. Just...... Daaaaaaa-uhm.

b0b3rt responds:

Thanks =)