Reviews for "Secret Lives of Squirrels"

I'll never look at a squirrel the same way again..

Wow! that was just amazing! I was totally impressed by your choice of music to fit the scene, and the movements were fluent and everything! with so much that was good, i completely forgot about the graphics, because they don't matter! awesome job!

My computer is bulshit and i cannot see the movie

so there's a hint for your demo version: (if somebody could translat it in english, because i'm only a beginner in english)

Pour rallonger la durer du démo, tu a juste a aller reculer la date de l'horloge de ton ordinateur, faire atention de ne pas reculer AVANT la date d'instalation du programe.

So if you understand the french language, please translat!


This is really cool stuff dude. Great 2nd flash and a vast improvement. Way to go and cheers for the effort well done dude. Bravo!!!

Great first submission

It's great to see some new talent. I like your style and sense of humor. I really liked the animation of the the rotating tree.

- Hoping to see more from you soon.

Truly epic!

Very stylish and very well drawn. I hope to see more of your flash.