Reviews for "Secret Lives of Squirrels"


That was g8 :). I love your style of animating and that was immsively impressive for a 1st flash. lol i wish i was as good as u

I probably shouldnt say this but do what everyone else does search for "flash mx 2004 serial" in google...u will find loads of results or even better use w w w.astalavista.us :)

Hop that helps

It seemed not very humorous at first

But the whole part with the 30 minutes and the epic battle cracked me up ^_^

XD Ha!

..Lol, "some stuff happens...in an 'epic' battle" excellent job man...my 30 day flash subscription died out the second I inputted my cd key from my key gen :D...((so many flash movies on this site, how many of these artists do you REALLY think paid over 1 grand for the legit copy...? honestly)) :D anyways, nice job!

Nice Movie

All I have to say is... OH MY GOD....somebody else knows who the Mad Caddies are, i love No Hope,, great song, fit in well with the movie, good job man, i hope to see more videos with caddies songs in em.

Hilarious like no other!

Jesus! I've never seen anything this stupid b4, the the idea and and the animation of it, make you think what do squirrels do when your not looking. I had to watch it 4 times, b4 I was happy with it, this is the best shit ever! Make another! Great Job!