Reviews for "Secret Lives of Squirrels"

I admit that it could have been better with the fight scenes. It's still quite enjoyable. I really do like the idea of squirrels doing, well, nutty stuff. When I saw the title, I thought this would be something "Neuroatically Yours" related. I am glad it wasn't. The animation was quite good.

There are some "Far Side" cartoons like this, or one. You know, where the cows are talking and then act normal when people see them. The music was nice too. Not that great, but still fun. I don't think it should have won Daily Feature, though.


what the fuck?


supremly epic and funny cant wait for full version


funny idea, obliviously could have been done better with actualy flash software. the only real epic part about the epic battle was the tree exploding. but still it twas good.


i l iked it
sequels should be made