Reviews for "Secret Lives of Squirrels"

very nice

I always told them that the squirrels had tribes of samurai, but they never listened to me. soon they will begin to work together, then they'll take over the world and I'll think to myself, "if only they had listened..."

good idea but

not all that interesting

verry nice

keep up the good work!! 10/10

Fluffy and cute


The Epic battle was fast and furious. hah, good job man.

Very Unique.

I really enjoyed how you animated the squirrels, I hope to see the rest of it one day. I don't see a lot of animations nowadays done quite like this, one day there will be more like this. Good Luck in the future!

PS. I thought the little end part was awesome with the poor animation fight, that just rocked lol. Kudos to that part.