Reviews for "Secret Lives of Squirrels"

i hear ye saz somthn im drunk to

Uhhh i havnt even watched the thng yet i just gussin it good rrqf

OmFg WtF waS ThIs?!?!

Dude... you friggin nerd. Everyone knows that Squirrels are a bunch of wussies. Hamsters, now they are noble warriors... yeah! Wait, I'm drunk. Never mind.

I like it


Well that sucks...

...Not the animation, the fact that you can't make more flash! This was pretty good, better than what I can do, but not the best I've seen. I liked it and I hope that you can save up some money and make some more of these, I know that flash is expensive because I just got it myself and it left me flat broke!!! good job and I hope you can somehow get a hold of flash.


Really nice flash.
impresive implementation of music.
really fluid animation.
that deserves a 9.9!!!!
(which is good dun complaint, and reply with a nice "thank you")

keep up the good work!! (oh, wait,, YOU CAN'T!!!!)

Poor guy with no flash.. *offers shoulder*