Reviews for "Secret Lives of Squirrels"


canned ownage, and i find the RS style battle kind of funny too, basicly, i just LOVE this movie.

Squirrels RULE!!!

YES!!!! Oh my goodness yes! Everyone needs to see this. This must be true. I mean you see how they square off. Jumping from trees going from branch to branch. X3 Great work. Reminds me of the time somes of them were fighting in my nack ayrd... man they went from the top of ther gate to the lawn to the deck to run on the SIDE of the gate to the nieghbors yard!!! Classic!

Just for that, ur going to heaven

kick swwwweeeeeet ass, dude

That was great

If it's never made front page I can't see why.

Your combination of animaiton and art is done very well. I laughed when the person came by. And the flash expiration/crappy animation made me giggle as well. I hope to see more submission from you soon. 5/5

*Adds this to one of my favorties*

Short, but satisfying.

I thought the graphics were cool. There was a unique style to it. The sound isn't great, but it's not bad. It's just a short song, but I think it matches well with the action. Not too much violence, but enough to satisfy. It was pretty funny, too. Humans ruin everything. Too bad that this is really short. I understand why, but still...it's too short.