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Reviews for "Geography Game: Europe"


I really liked this game. Although you were missing several countries like San Marino, Holy See (Vatican City), and Monaco. Besides that it is a well polished game. Keep up the good work.

Don't mind the idiots.

I thought this was a great game. Don't worry about all those idiots who are like "i h8 u i h8 lerning"; they can have fun bagging groceries for the rest of their lives. It really helped me with learning European countries; now I can play through it without making any mistakes! Thanks a lot.

CaptainDiv responds:

cheers for that - glad you liked it

I usually dont like

educational games but whatever it was still good, keep it up do canada eh? i mean that would be aboot as awsome as it gets


I loved it, Was really educational too, But, please please please can you make a World Wide one, were you have to lable all the capital cities and the countries, would be awesome. Congrats again.

Very Fun

Someone described it perfectly on the USA game, Its like free baloons :p

I hate all those small former USSR countries, still have'nt got them all yet lol. Great game though, you should keep making games similiar to these.

Keep up the good work.