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Reviews for "Geography Game: Europe"

im quiting at -1380


I loved it, Was really educational too, But, please please please can you make a World Wide one, were you have to lable all the capital cities and the countries, would be awesome. Congrats again.

Entertaining and Educational!

I absolutely loved it, of course I am very partial to Geography. This is a very clever and educational way to teach about the countries of Europe! I think you should do it for the other continents as well! Maybe even make it into distributable software, it would really sell well in schools! Keep up the good work!

Good games - why not diversify?

I really liked this game. I'm currently revising for my finals and needed something that forces me to think but doesn't involve my subject. Given how awful I was at geography at school these games seemed like a good choice! I really like the style but maybe you could try to branch out into history or maybe the sciences? The same style of play could probably be applied to them.

Only one point - on the loading screen it says EUROP and the P is half cut off, I imagine it's just a formatting error though.


Looking at the submission before mine, I think somethings wrong. It said the capital of russia was valleta when i clicked. O.o