Reviews for "Random concept 2"

I do love this piece, as simple as it is. The mood and atmosphere is great as always. You certainly have a way with lighting and color.

I did appreciate the brighter color palette you were toying with in your previous works; I think it really gave your portfolio a better sense of balance as to what you could illustrate; not to mention visually as well.

But I'm a silly amateur artist. This truly is spectacular, and I admire the way you paint your clouds. They are really quite magical. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Continue making the Golems and Clockwork titans! Make it as a comic that would be awesome.!
Your animation is fine work!

looks like a magic card nice very nice.

Really amazing and awesome detailing!!!!

you hope we like it? I LOVE this, it looks so incredibly awesome, i just don't have words for this and it definitely deserves 5 stars. Keep up this awesome work, i'm amazed o.O