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Reviews for "Reasoner- 2,327 Miles"


I loved it!
You're very talented.


Another masterpiece Reasoner, your scores are truly fantastic. The opening has a great lead. As always I look to you for the wonderful piano work and you have never let me down friend. Keep up the good work and thank you for the mail.


aside from the enchanting simplicity and beauty of this piece i might have just given you a 5 from what you wrote. this is one of those songs that you listen to for the first time and stop thinking completely. im writing this as im hearing it for the 3rd time because it was so moving the first couple of times. i would never have expected to find or to hear something like this anywhere at all let alone on newgrounds. i cant even comprehend how amazing your afternoon was if it inspired you to produce this masterpiece. well i realize im rambling but i just cannot express the level of perfection you've accomplished. very very good job sir and i wish you more days like the one of this song.


how in the world do you do it reasoner
a lovely melodic track as always and these never get old i could listen to it for hours on end i would dare say you are more than a mordern beethoven but one of the greats of piano composing
youve earned yourself a 10 and 5/5 which i hardly give to people
also does anyone else thik this should be in the top 5 instead of the crappy repetetive techno ATTEMPTS were getting, i myself make electro/trance and i think its quite ridiculous
please leave another comment replying and once again reasoner, i love you. jokes:P

Holy cow.

How do you think up these songs in a day? You have certainly got a gift. Thank you for sharing your gift of music with us. It's much appreciated.