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Reviews for "Reasoner- 2,327 Miles"

Incredibly Passionate

It is difficult to find such musicianship in the Audio Portal. This composition was peaceful, melancholy, and inspirational all at the same time; it certainly invokes introspection. Gracefully executed and flawless.

You're very good.


aside from the enchanting simplicity and beauty of this piece i might have just given you a 5 from what you wrote. this is one of those songs that you listen to for the first time and stop thinking completely. im writing this as im hearing it for the 3rd time because it was so moving the first couple of times. i would never have expected to find or to hear something like this anywhere at all let alone on newgrounds. i cant even comprehend how amazing your afternoon was if it inspired you to produce this masterpiece. well i realize im rambling but i just cannot express the level of perfection you've accomplished. very very good job sir and i wish you more days like the one of this song.

......your mind....

what a lovely peace of music
what is oging on in your mind bro when u make a story based music?

i would read more about your dreams ryan

keep it up
just vote 5 and goes to my fav



However some-sorta lyrics would go nice

Nothing to Say