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Reviews for "Reasoner- 2,327 Miles"

Great Piece!

Your wording of the emotions in htis song are spot on. Could not have said it better myself. thank you remembering to hit the record button for the rest of us.

Faved, DL'ed, 5'ed!

Keep sharing you gift with the rest of us. and good luck in your life. ^_^

Very Beautiful

Your song, is greatly appreciated. I have gone through out life wondering about if there still our great things in life that are able to be close to me always. Music has been something close to my heart, and when I heard this song I cried at how beautiful it was. I love this song, I can't express out much depression it puts me into, but how happy it makes me for my wonderful girlfriend that I have. I just wish she was not so far away in a different state still. Thank you so much.

It's good

Good job with this one. It's a wonderful piano piece. I've only got one problem; Your music is starting to blend together a bit. I'd like to see more variation from one song to the next. Despite this, it's a wonderful, relaxing piece of work. Keep it up.

Really great job

Its really good it cheered me up when i was down this is some really great work you have been contributing to newgrounds great job

Thank you.

It's the only thing I need to say about this.
Thank you so much for this song.
I think I even have goosebumps on my toes x]
You are a true artist.