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Reviews for "Reasoner- 2,327 Miles"

Reminds me of those times

Either those good times or those sad, depressing times. All around a nice piece to listen to. ^^

Makes me want to cry...

A perfect song to make us remember what we used to enjoy but that time made us forgot...reasoner...i would like to thank you...this song...made me realize things that i maybe would have just gone on ignoring...your music lives on...and may it forever be like that...

spending those good afternoons

watching the sunset thinking, if anyone else see's what your seeing by sitting down and taking the time to breathe. You wish it could be like that everywhere

Woah... Again.

You've been one of my favorite NG artist for quite some time. I first heard you one I was browsing newgrounds look for some quality music (before I had an account), and I chanced on "A Walk Down The Trail", one the most amazing songs I've ever heard.

This song parallels it in feeling, and emotion. The melody is simple, but gives a very good "hopeful" aura to the song.

Not much more to say about this song.

I rate songs by feeling and technical value. Feeling is worth double technical value. so I double feeling, add technical value, and divide by 3 which gives my final rating, then I round as necessary.

I rate this song 10/10 for feeling, and 8/10 for technical value. So I give an overall rating of 9/10.

Peace and solitude.....

I understand what you are saying..... it's like sitting down in a green field.
Everything is peaceful, all you want to do is just lie down and admire the sky, or watch the peaceful fields all day.
Releasing ourselves from our daily problems, we finally found the inner peace we have long forgotten.
That is what I felt about this song.
Keep up the great work!