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Reviews for "Reasoner- 2,327 Miles"

Well...depressed pain can kill but this will cure and relarelax the stress if them all...the clean grass land and blue oceans...thus explains earth's purpose. You have a gift from above...love and pride be with you and livery to spread this loyal gift. I love how this works. Music describing life Is a beautiful thing. Thank you if you read this and again a worth full of love and pride lies within you. Thank you so much for being alive and brave do do this. You do have a gift...of hope.

With this music, it can sometimes show the distance you can have with people, yet the hope you have in creating a lasting bond, no matter the distance that affects it. This is what makes this music so great, because it TEACHES you and it gives you HOPE. That's what I love about this.

I.... am jealous.

One of the most nostalgic thing i can think of is the original music i heard playing for hours.
The music of the Sims. me sitting in my room just building house after house. Not lonely, no regrets.

What i want to say is that i have been aspiring to make music just like that. i wanted more of the same kind of music, but i never found it. Until i found you. I am really glad that i clicked on the link to Living Transparant while it was in the recommended. i cant imagine how shallow my taste of music could have been if i wasnt curious about that one classical song.

Wow. see me rambling ^^ Great song again. it just shakes so much off me i got nostalgic.

Thank you, from someone who respects you greatly

Wow... Just wow... amazing

Simply Beautiful

I love listening to your music. When I'm stressed out and feeling down your music makes me relax. Thank you.