Reviews for "Bubblegum"

veeeery bad 1/10

It sux. Its very short, unfunny and pointless. And its size is too big for such bad flash animation.

laugh riot

i love this movie, but i love even more how people hate it so much. i'm sticking with the theory that no-one has a good sense of humor around here.


i would have shot him to or broke his jaw that crap is f-ing annoying but good footage

erm , wow

it was real funni lol,, but i give it 8.10 cuz , well ur gonna find me affencive a little but, ....i have seen a lot better flashes on the front page, but this is reral funni lol. XD

A fascinating glimpse into the human psyche

Some things get on my nerves enough that I'm ready to kill. Like taxes.