Reviews for "Bubblegum"


i thought that was funny. the chewing sound was funny as hell. work on your drawing a little bit and you will do fine later on. you have a good humor and ideas.

joshuaost responds:

Yeah, I must admit that I'm not a very good drawer.

yay its very good

i saw that u fixed the sound i think its better that way hahaha

this is stuff we need to see twice a day

joshuaost responds:

Thanks, yeah I like it better this way. It drove me crazy that I couldn't fix it.


dude, that is seriosuly FUNNY. kinda reminds me of somewhat the banana phone flash, except in reverse. idk. anyway, very funny. great job!

joshuaost responds:

Thank you.


Halarious! Not bad animation as well. And the drawing was good.

joshuaost responds:

Thanks very much. Hopefully this will go over well.