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Reviews for "DESTROY SS!"


The preloader is swell.


Meh, ain't very interesting

Wasn't really what I would call a good game, I didn't really enjoyed playing this. This is one of those games that you'll play for about 15 seconds and then you never play it again. Actually I don't really consider this a game since all you have to do is only click twice. I think you should add add a lot more stuff.

First of all, you could add some more members of the star syndicate then only one. Second, you could add some more options for how to kill him. You could add something like shotguns, bazooka's, handguns, grenades, mines, baseballbats, bows, tanks, knifes, swords, maces, flamethrowers, nuclear missiles etc. These things will make the game a lot more fun. Third, you could add some backgroundmusic while you were killing that guy. Fourth, not something you should add, but I think this really needs some better graphics. The current looked kinda crappy. The guy was probably meant to look so bad though, but still you should improve on that a little. It'll make the game a lot better. Fifth, I think you should make the killing part a little longer. It's about 10 seconds, that ain't very long.

Overall I'd give this game(movie) 4 out of 10, 2 out of 5. Indeed nothing too new or interesting. You're probably going to make a second part, I ain't really interested, but I hope it'll be a lot more fun and a lot more interesting then this part. I also hope you'll take some of my advice. Anyway, good luck with making part 2, I guess.


You know what I find ironic?

You say SS Time Trials suck, yet you steal my preloader from them

Good going.

MurderLab responds:

I thought locks were supposed to make GOOD animations, but no I guess those were just lies

really, really bad

I liked the "popping up" clouds...

that was crap!!!!!

wat the hell were u on wen u made this its the crappest thing ive ever seen. here is some advise change the person u kill give the player a selection of weapons and change the music.