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Reviews for "Sonic Gangwars Prt 2"


......................................too short

Angel responds:

I know but It's way better than the 2nd and the third is gonna be the dogs bolox :D

From Maxyboy

Yet another maximillion worth a billion production

To max i told you i would leave you a review on how good they are and you gota right back and you both have done a wiked job on this and the other one i cant wait for the 3rd one with ... dont worry i wont spoil it for you but all the people who read this you have to watch the third one

WHERE IS THE 3 ONE????????????????????

I WANT THE SEQUEL........NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alittle too short

This is an awsome part 2 but maybe if it was alittle longer it would be better. Make part 3 maybe adleast twice as long as ths one. Keep up the good work! :)

Angel responds:

The third one is going to be the best by far:D Thanks for the good review :D

Better than the first

this was good, its not often u see sonic as a bad guy,
was kinda short though

Angel responds:

Yea I ammit it's short maybe i'll update ....... Thanks for the good review :D