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Reviews for "Sonic Gangwars Prt 2"

I see you've made a dead Mario sprite.

And I must admit, this was better then part 1.

Angel responds:

Yea we took your advice thanks :D

Not too shabby

The fight scene was pretty clean and the custom sprites weren't super obvious.
As in they fit in alright.
I don't particularly like the concept.
But if you build on it then it could be alright.

Overall it wasn't bad.

good job, at least as good as sprites can get.....

this flash wasn't so bad. it had it's moments, moments meaning the fight scene: did you make those fighting poses for Luigi yourself? they looked good. i gave music a seven because, wel[l, hard rock just ain't my thing. sorry. peace.

two thumbs up

im sick of people who havent made a movie ever and vote bad

Angel responds:

Yea I'm sick of them people to lol. Thamks for the good review.


Well it wasn't bad but it wasnt entertaining either. Nothing new or interesting....there's no possible better way to put it than that.
I liked the "Requiem for a Dream" theme music though. Good luck on your next!

Angel responds:

I cna't rember where I found that music :S Thanks