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Reviews for "Sonic Gangwars Prt 2"

Yet another maximillion worth a billion production

To max i told you i would leave you a review on how good they are and you gota right back and you both have done a wiked job on this and the other one i cant wait for the 3rd one with ... dont worry i wont spoil it for you but all the people who read this you have to watch the third one


......................................too short

Angel responds:

I know but It's way better than the 2nd and the third is gonna be the dogs bolox :D

From Maxyboy


At the start, the sprites were all squashed and messy, and the wall of luigi's room (House?) had been badly converted. The fight scene was good sprite animation, however.


that was pretty cool,i mean you did a great job with the sprites, keep up the good work.

Angel responds:


i like it

but in reality, sonic could kick luigis ass any day

cant wait for part 3