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Reviews for "Sonic Gangwars Prt 2"


this is the best flash ive ever seen i LOVE IT THE Way thay where fighting THAT IS SICK


That was real good the fighting was hot and luigis fighting stance was funny to it was a little short and pointless but it was mad good definitely better than what i can do all i can do is make the sprites walk across the screens damn someone teach me how to make flash movies ha but anyway yeah that wuz good and im waitin for the next keep it up


What a great fighting scening scene too. Go, Daniel! Show 'em how it's done!! As for the rest, this was great, including the storyline!! 5/5

Yo, this is crunk.

Make a third part to this movie. That way, I will find out what will happen!

pretty good

if luigi wanted to stop sonic killing mario he should have helped him in the first place sonic was only protecting his turf. this is better then the original except for the weird sprite sizings at the beginning