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Reviews for "Sonic Gangwars Prt 2"


BUt It Should Be Longer, The Fight Scenes Are Pretty Good,
AND Where Is Part 3??????

nice flash but...

whats taking you so long to make pt 3? its ben like 3 years (over exaggerating). you have to make the 3rd part, NOW!!!!!!!!

WHERE IS THE 3 ONE????????????????????

I WANT THE SEQUEL........NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have a really good story here but

i hate ppl who make half a minute movie and just say to be conitnued barely anything happened here but u gotta really good story line keep it up and bring on a part three thats atleast 3 times longer i wanna see more of this movie i like it!


you got a good thing going. the last guy needs to shut up and make his own video if hes going to complain. you worked hard and he just wants to rant you down but I for one like the story line and the direction you have going.

Keep it real!!!