Reviews for "Sheindlin's Reign"

actually made me laugh

most of the humorous flashes will get a smirk, or a smile out of me, but this shit made me laugh...the butcher knife was probably the funniest thing i have ever seen...lol, GREAT work...if i was a chick i would most def fuck you =P

Haahahaaa..wow that was awesome!

That has to be the funniest thing i've laughed so hard to in a while..nice job dude


Finally, something exaggerating how evil she is!


I must have watched this 6 times now, so many things that are so funny! You must have spent lots of time making this!

My favorite part is when we are looking at the one guy that says to stand up etc and Judge Judy, and the guy turns into something for a split second, and then judge jumps back with a weird look on her face. LMFAO


make more please!